Tuesday, January 15, 2013

desk redo

Here is today's before and after of my desk area:

Pardon the terrible pictures, but our bedroom has the WORST lighting!! I'm so excited to have a desk area that is actually starting to reflect my personality. Also, there is so much DIY here so it was definitely affordable. What I did:
        - bought ugly black plastic wall folder holders ($3 a piece), covered in fabric and added a
          burlap flower (all from my stash)
        - bought some cork ($3) to put in my lovely white frame (from my stash)
        - covered two small canvases in owl fabric (both from my stash)
        - bought a shelf and brackets ($20) {probably could have gotten this for cheaper, but I picked
          stuff I liked rather than what was cheapest}
        - added chevron fabric to an open back frame (both from my stash)
All in all, its still a work in progress, but its starting to come together. My favorite part is how the fabrics all just sorta fell together without a plan. I randomly picked the rust color fabric for the folder holders before I even knew I was gonna do a shelf or anything else. Then I decided to do the canvases to cover some ugly holes in the wall (left over from the fiances bachelor pad days lol) and discovered that the owl fabric matched perfect. Then I wanted something to add some color to the shelf and realized that my chevron fabric matched the owl fabric. And, since I'm in love with chevron, that was a definite happy moment for me lol. So obviously its not some magazine worthy DIY redo or anything, but for me I count it as a success!


  1. i LOVE that owl fabric! what a good makeover!

  2. Thank you!! I bought the owl fabric on a whim and its just been sitting in my fabric stash for ages. Its about time I found a better home for it :)