Saturday, July 16, 2011

wild rose

So, one of the biggest changes over the last year is the discovery of my love of craftiness!  I love stuff. Jewelry, clothes, bags - you name it. What I don't love is the pricetag. So much of the boutique style stuff I was finding just seemed so expensive, and I'm a self confessed cheap skate lol. One day I decided that I thought I could do it for cheaper. Know what I discovered? I COULD! So I made myself a few things and found that other people liked my stuff too. And.... its kinda grown from there. I even have a nerdy organization system ;)

some of my jewelry

labels and everything.. told you it was nerdy!!

Well, from there came all sorts of other things that I wanted to make with my hands. I started making pictures frames and other scrapbooky stuff. Eventually, that led to headbands and hats and somewhere down the road I rediscovered the sewing machine! And now, I completely and ridiculously have the bug. I'm trying to learn and do new things with it all the time. So far, I've done some dresses, camera straps, and some small bags.  

the top headband was my very first one! i still wear it all the time
i love these hats. i wanna make a ton for myself!

dresses :)

clutch and zipper pouch
my fabric stash
So, that new crafty side of me is where Wild Rose Boutique came from. It is such an amazing feeling to make stuff and then have people like it. It gives you almost a sense of acceptance. I do and make the things I do because it relaxes me and makes me happy. But, when it makes other people happy too, thats just, wow. I LOVE that feeling! Anyway, thats kind of my rambling story of where Wild Rose started.
Wild Rose Boutique 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

all along the road

So, they say life is a journey. If that's true, then mine has been a crazy, long, winding road full of adventures, trials and much laughter. I'm about to be 30 this year and amazingly enough, I'm just NOW starting to find myself and figure out who I really am. That's where this blog comes in. Here is where I'll share the things I'm learning and doing all along the road to becoming the woman I always knew was deep down inside. I hope that you guys can relate to, add to, or just be part of the road ahead. ♥