Saturday, October 29, 2011

an ode to the Rangers

this is my ode to the rangers via all the pictures i made mike take at the games we went to this season.
did i mention he HATES taking pictures lol nevertheless, we got plenty of pics this season

our first game of the season.. thats my happy face ;)

we finally got jerseys this year

he never wears color, so game days are my favorite!!

meg and i got to be part of the "sunglasses at night" world record

this was for mikes birthday.. we sat way closer than we normally do and of course a foul ball was hit directly to me and i wasnt paying attention.. i'll never live that down

terrible seats.. but what a view!

one of the only times i looked even remotely "girly" at a game ;)

i got "support the rangers at work" instated during the playoffs. im awesome i know =)

at our very last game, right after my birthday. terrible seats, but we clinched the division so i sure can't complain!!

the season ended in a heartbreaking fashion but we sure did have some fun along the way.

my nerves are glad for the break, but i am super ready for next season!!

saturday randomness

i never posted my pic from the fair
i may or may not have color coded my school stuff in the new planner i got this week ;)
my new vera came this week.. im in love!!

i got these new boots and they inspired me to dress like a girl not once but TWICE this week lol

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


its been a long known fact that i have been a complete tomboy my whole life.
well much to the surprise of my super girly friends, im finding my inner girl.
tonight just proves it.. im watching one of my favorite girly movies (yes i know it takes liberties with the book, but i just dont care lol)
while filling out my new girly planner

and dreaming about my new girly vera that should be here tomorrow.
shocking i know.
pick your jaw up off the floor girls.. it had to happen eventually right??  

Sunday, October 16, 2011


so this post will be pretty pointless ;)

i just wanted to say that i've had a GREAT weekend. and we pretty much did nothing! saturday, the sun was shining, the weather was cool and we literally sat on the back porch all day and grilled and just hung out with each other. it was a little slice of heaven.
of course then.. the Rangers kicked some detroit butt and are now going to the world series. so of course that was just the icing on my wonderful saturday!

and today, let's see, we've pretty much done the same thing. all in all.. this was a much needed break from work and school and the craziness of life in general.

see.. told you.. pointless =)

promise my future posts will have more to say. got some thoughts and ideas and stuff running around in my head that i think i need to get out.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

maiden voyage

ok, so i promise not to blog about everything we make with the new mixer... BUT i thought its maiden voyage should be celebrated ;)

our tiny kitchen preparing to cook
mike hard at work, because he is definitely the better cook in this relationship ;)

i was WAY too mesmerized watching it turn and mix lol

our dough.. there was soo much! half for cinnamon rolls, the other half for?????

again, those are definitely not MY hands lol

the night before, i almost couldnt wait for breakfast to cook them!

the finished product, of which i ate two.. yes two.. guess i'll have to work out really good later