Sunday, October 16, 2011


so this post will be pretty pointless ;)

i just wanted to say that i've had a GREAT weekend. and we pretty much did nothing! saturday, the sun was shining, the weather was cool and we literally sat on the back porch all day and grilled and just hung out with each other. it was a little slice of heaven.
of course then.. the Rangers kicked some detroit butt and are now going to the world series. so of course that was just the icing on my wonderful saturday!

and today, let's see, we've pretty much done the same thing. all in all.. this was a much needed break from work and school and the craziness of life in general.

see.. told you.. pointless =)

promise my future posts will have more to say. got some thoughts and ideas and stuff running around in my head that i think i need to get out.

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  1. The "nothing" weekends always turn out to be the BEST!