Saturday, October 29, 2011

an ode to the Rangers

this is my ode to the rangers via all the pictures i made mike take at the games we went to this season.
did i mention he HATES taking pictures lol nevertheless, we got plenty of pics this season

our first game of the season.. thats my happy face ;)

we finally got jerseys this year

he never wears color, so game days are my favorite!!

meg and i got to be part of the "sunglasses at night" world record

this was for mikes birthday.. we sat way closer than we normally do and of course a foul ball was hit directly to me and i wasnt paying attention.. i'll never live that down

terrible seats.. but what a view!

one of the only times i looked even remotely "girly" at a game ;)

i got "support the rangers at work" instated during the playoffs. im awesome i know =)

at our very last game, right after my birthday. terrible seats, but we clinched the division so i sure can't complain!!

the season ended in a heartbreaking fashion but we sure did have some fun along the way.

my nerves are glad for the break, but i am super ready for next season!!


  1. Yes, my nerves are ready for a break as well ;-) I am their number one fan after all.

  2. Love love LOVE this post! Everything about this post makes me happy =}