Friday, August 3, 2012

Today's project - Mint Chocolate Chip magnet board

You know, I originally started this blog to post about my crafting. Well, needless to say, that didn't really happen the way I wanted it to. But, circumstances in my life have changed and I now have the opportunity to do so much more crafting and creating (and blogging!). So, now the goal is to find a balance between the creative and the personal. Probably more creative because really, I'm not that interesting in real life haha.

Anyway, today's project was a custom order magnet board. It was my first time making one, so I kinda figured stuff out on the fly. And since it didn't occur to me that I could blog about this until I was already into it, I don't have a before pic of the metal. I guess you'll just have to imagine it. So here's my supplies (plus that imagined metal square that my honey so graciously had cut and then sanded all pretty) and the basic covered metal board. I'm gonna keep calling it a board because thats just what I'm going to call it lol. You'll be okay with that right? Good! So, I attached the fabric with spray glue which was another first for me. I had tried the spray glue once with a paper project I was doing and HATED it, so I put it away and never used it again. But this project just screamed "Please spray glue me!!", so I did. And it worked like a dream. I wish everything was that easy. Seriously. PS, you can see me in the metal. Don't I look beautiful??

So my normal bulletin boards have buttons on the bottom corner for decoration. Well since this was a magnet board, I thought why not make those cute buttons functional as magnets. So I did :) I definitely obsessed with these buttons that you cover yourself. I mean the possibilities are endless. I use them for bows, for decorations, for sewing stuff. You can make them match ANYTHING! Plus its crazy easy.

And, every board needs a little decoration right? So I made my easy peasy little rosette/flower embellishment to add to the top corner. Ever since I discovered how to make these, I use them for everything. They are so easy, but so cute! Love.

Everything is all ready now, and just needs to be put together. I just hot glued the flower on and stuck the button magnets on the bottom and voila - finished project.

Doesn't this color combo just scream Mint Chocolate Chip?!?! Hence the post title lol. Anyway, that was my project for today. Hope you've enjoyed this episode of Crafting with Kasey HAHA wink wink. And who knows, the day is still young.. maybe I have another project up my sleeve!!

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  1. Your creativity sickens me =} lol, in a good way!!!