Monday, September 26, 2011

the big 3-0

soo.. i turned the big 3-0 this month. i'm not gonna lie, at first i was not happy at all. all i was focused on was all the things i haven't done or didn't have. but the closer the day came and the more i examined my life as it is right now, the more peace i got about the whole thing. i ended realizing how incredibly blessed i am!

my first birthday surprises were from Mike. he paid for me to get my hair done (something i NEVER do because im cheap lol) and he hooked me up with a beautiful new shotgun! we went skeet shooting pretty soon after and i had SOOO much fun!

 this was definitely the birthday of falling in love with old friends again. my weeks of birthday celebration started with a girl day with Shannon and Samantha.

we started with lunch and presents at LaMadeleine's. i was totally surprised with my great gifts! this is my classic "oooh i got a present" face lol.

this day really just made my heart so happy. i missed these girls and reconnecting just meant the world. i will always count it a blessing when God brings people that i hold dear back into my life in such a great way.

well, there was about a week between my girls day and my actual birthday. it was pretty boring, nothing exciting to write about ;)

then came my birthday!!! we got up early so i could cheat on my diet and have my favorite breakfast. i am ridiculously in love with the beer biscuits and sausage gravy from barbec's in dallas. i mean i got up early just to eat it.. that should tell you something!!

this is how happy i looked at barbecs lol

i ate myself happy, then unfortunately it was off to work. i wasn't too thrilled about working on my birthday, but it turned out to be pretty fun. one of our reps not only brought me a real gift bag of Rangers goodies, but also made the whole office laugh by bringing me a walker! because i'm "old" and all lol. not really sure why im kicking my leg up in this pic, but it was soo funny that i don't even care!

i didn't really do much on my actual birthday, since I knew i was going out on Saturday. i decided to just not make a huge deal.. just dinner and petes. dinner was Freebirds (since i love it and hadn't been to the new on in rockwall yet). It was great because not only did I get to see my Crystal, who I havent seen in about a year, but she also brought her daughter Jadyn! SO cute. Plus, the worker guy bought my dinner ;)

overall, it was a pretty fun night. i also had a birthday lunch with my parents, which i didnt take pictures of because im lame and forgetful lol. but my mom did make me my most favorite dessert: buttermilk pie. its like a little slice of heaven for me. we ate a lot of it obviously =)

and last but not least, mike and i went to a ranger game. he bought the tickets thinking it was on my birthday, but it was actually the week after. but, it worked out because it was a great game and great fireworks. it was also the night we clinched the division title! so im very happy with the mixup!!

so, here i am at the end of september reflecting on turning the big 3-0. the conclusion i came to is this: i wish EVERY birthday was like this one. best birthday EVER, by far. I have the most amazing man, family, and friends. i am blessed BEYOND measure. trying to measure my life by all the milestones i feel like i should have achieved by now just discounts all the things that my life actually IS. i love my life. i'm pretty sure the next 30 years are gonna make the first 30 look lame ;)


  1. Oooooh I LOVE Freebirds too! I'm so thankful we got to have our girly day!

  2. I love you like biscuits and gravy!! =}
    Our girly day was fun! We need to do it again!