Saturday, August 27, 2011

random made and makes

so, i know i said i would be better about posting.. but i havent done so great at that eh? lol

well, with summer coming to a close (the no school part - definitely not the temperature!) i am realizing that i didn't make nearly as much as i wanted to during my time off. here are a few of the things i DID make.

on-the-go diaper tote for my mgr's upcoming baby
rosettes for hair clips, headbands, or cardi clips

i think this rosette is soo pretty (i might be a little biased lol)
camera strap for the wonderful sam

UT inspired clutch for my Meg who is a huge fan
its not that crooked, i promise ;)

the clutch i made to go out with meg for her birthday

i had sewing block, so i just decided to make something up and see if that would help.
 i think think it turned out pretty cute!

i've also got a few things that im thinking about making soon. a few more clutches in a little different style, a new rangers t-shirt, some new hats, oh the list goes on and on. im really hoping to get the 'store' back up and running and have stuff getting made and going on out at a more regular pace.

hmm.. what else is new. well, school started back this week. im glad and crabby at the same time lol. sooo ready to be done. next year - fingers crossed. ooooh, its also almost my birthday!! im gonna be the big 3-0 which, not gonna lie, gonna freaks me out. thought i'd be a lot "further" by now. and while part of that is true, im also happier than i've ever been. i'm just now truly figuring out who i am and what i want out of life. in that respect, i wouldn't trade my road for anything else in the world. i am actually super excited about my birthday this year. won't be getting tons of present, but i am stoked about some of the plans i have. i am so truly thankful for God bringing people back in my life just when i need them. im so lucky.

anyway, i think ive just been rambling. but, thats kinda whats been going on here. i'll try to be better. i'll try =)

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  1. I'm loving that diaper bag that you made. SO SO cute!